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Responsible is what we are, and I know that we can take it

When you get married and live on your own, there are a certain number of changes that occur. Many of these are obvious and expected, i.e. you now are 100% financially responsible, you are now responsible for a house and all its upkeep, etc. However, there are some other responsibilities that are not so apparent until they come up. One of these responsibilities has come up recently in my life, due to the fact that J’s birthday is in 5 days. This is the responsibility of hosting parties.

Now, in college you “host parties,” but those are much more different in the fact that a) there’s probably¬†a lot of booze and b) no parents are there. However, at the end of this week, I will be having a birthday party for 15 family members are our house for J. This is a bit of pressure for me because this is the first birthday that J is not spending at his old home; it is the first birthday that is celebrated post-wedding. While Jason’s parents would be happy to host his birthday celebration at their house (in fact, I think his dad did think they were for a little), I think it is important that we have it at our house. However, this brings on some more stress for me, such as making sure the house is clean, cooking, and ordering the cake, in addition to getting his present (which, by the way, is very awesome, but since he reads this blog I cannot write what it is here right now). Prior to this year, I would just show up at his birthday dinner with my presents for him and be the girlfriend/fiancee of the birthday boy. Now, however, I am the wife of the birthday boy, and with great power comes great responsibility (Star Wars, anyone?)¬†. . .

. . . Okay, so maybe I’m overdramatizing this a little bit. In fact, I am excited to have everyone over and show off my cooking skills. But really, it is things like this that come up post-married life that one doesn’t really consider before (at least, I didn’t). Just wanted to keep you all aware, I guess.

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