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We were strangers starting out on a journey

I’ve decided to blog again. 

I blogged all throughout my first two years of college, and I have to admit, it was one of the most therapeutic activities I could have done to get me through some crazy and stressful times. Sometime after sophomore year I stopped writing, and throughout the next two years I would find my fingers twitching to type again and bare my soul to the online world one more time. However, whether due to lack of ambition or sheer lack of time, I never did. Until now.

I started blogging (xanga-ing, to be exact) right after high school graduation, and it seemed like a good time to start recording the events of my life: I was closing on a chapter on my life, beginning a new one, with new friends, experiences, and no clear definitions of what my life would behold in the next four years. Now, I found myself at a similar point in my life: I have closed another chapter of my life, and within the last three months or so I have finished student teaching, graduated from college, gotten married, bought a house, become a dog-owner, and find myself with the daunting task of teaching seventh graders in a little over a month. Within a matter of weeks I have transformed from a care-free college student with little to worry about to a full-fledged adult who finds herself faced with a house to clean, a husband to care for, and a giant stack of papers to fill out now that I am officially employed. The transition has been rather easy, I must admit, but I am not sure if it is because I can easily grow up and move onto the next stage of my life or because, in reality, I still feel like a kid many times.

So perhaps the purpose of this blog is to keep track of my journey once again, a journey which I have already begun and yet I know will continue to lengthen and change the longer I am on it. I really love my life right now, but the truth is, I am scared out of my mind for August and teaching a classroom full of 12 year-olds, and, just as I was scared out of my mind for college, I think sharing my thoughts with the world (however limited this “world” that reads my blog may be) will, once again, be therapeutic. So if you’re willing, we can start out on this journey together.

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