A home for all those books

I promised that once I had pictures uploaded on the computer, I would update my blog with some of the pictures. Since we just finished the second shelf last weekend, I thought I would share our bookshelf project.

Back story: a few months before our wedding, a friend of ours who is (as we call him) a “master woodworker” asked us what we would like him to make for us for a wedding present. Being the genius that I am, I suggested some bookshelves for the large amount of books my husband and I have. So our friend made them for us, but since we wanted to paint them black, he left them unfinished for us to do the painting. 

We got one of the bookshelves a few months after the wedding (I think he’s a procrastinator) but we didn’t paint it for a few weeks. We got the other bookshelf about a month ago (yeah, he’s a big procrastinator) and painted it last weekend. And honestly, for a can of paint and a can of primer, some brushes, and a few hours of elbow grease, I thought they turned out pretty darn well.










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