Cooking blahs

First of all, I got my pictures uploaded to the computer, after a temporary freak-out when I thought the USB plug in the camera was broken (luckily for me, my helpful hubby gave me a hand!). So I will probably do a lot of blast-from-the-past posts as I blog about a lot of the pictures I have taken on it. (Ok, ok, I’ve only had the camera for five months so it won’t be THAT much of a past blast). Oh, and having all those pictures on my camera really, really makes me want to have photoshop so I can so some playing around (*hint*hint* J since my birthday is coming up!).

Anyway, way back approximately a year ago, J and I were house hunting. We found our house, the one we’re living in now, after only looking at one other house before it. Our realtor e-mailed me pictures, we went to look at the house the next day, made an offer later that week, waited nervously because there were three other offers on the table, and got the awesome 9:00 p.m. phone call on a Tuesday night letting us know that the house was ours!

I loved a lot of things about the house – the wood floors (which needed to be redone a bit), the two-sided brick fire place separating the dining room and living room, the huge windows, the space that was largeenoughbutnottoolargedoyouknowwhatImean?. The master bedroom was large, the backyard was cute (and a corner lot to boot!), and the house had a lot of character.

However, one thing I did not like about the house was the kitchen. While the previous homeowners tried to update it with new paint and a nice island (the only part of the kitchen I did like), overall, the kitchen felt dark, outdated, and not very homey. See exhibits A and B:



Now, if we were looking to live in the house for 10+ years, I would say gut it all: new cabinets, new floors, new appliances sans the fridge since we just bought it. However, we are not planning on staying in this house for this long; we’re probably looking more at 5-7 years at the most. So the Ebenezer Scrooge in me, looking to save a buck or two, thinks it’s silly to gut the kitchen for how many (tens of?) thousands of dollars. Yes, yes, yes, I know that money in a house should be spent in the kitchen and bathrooms (I do watch my share of HGTV). However, I’m nervous that for a two-bedroom house, no matter how much we update the kitchen, we’re not going to see the return since it does only have 2 bedrooms. Plus, I don’t want to over-update the kitchen for the area. Many of the houses in our neighborhood are older, ranch-styles, and I can’t seem them having solid surface counter tops and high end appliances. I’m assuming many kitchens are similar to ours.

With that said, we have GOT to make some changes in the kitchen or I think I’ll go nuts. First of all, the pink tile (yes, that is PINK tile, it is also in the half bath) needs to go. Secondly, the oven and the stove are original to the house, circa 1968. Now, I think it’s pretty awesome that these appliances have lasted so long (how many people can say their brand new stove or oven will last the next 40 years) but they are so old and outdated. Plus, they don’t necessarily cook the best (in fact, the oven OVERcooks – I always have to lower my cooking time and/or the oven temperature). Also, the countertops and cupboards are horrendous. Despite some good windows in the space, the room always feels dark and drabby. Shall I go on? Needless to say, I need a culinary change, and quick!

Now, I love to cook, but all motivation I have felt to cook completely leaves me every time I step into the kitchen. I want a light, airy, homey kitchen that I want to spend a lot of time in and entertain in. The space is rather large, but half of it isn’t being used anyway. The island is really nice, and I want to keep that, but the rest of it . . . ug, I don’t know. I’m thinking painting the cabinets and changing the hardware? New countertops that aren’t too expensive (a nice laminate versus granite or other stone?). I would love to get working on it this summer even (cabinet painting, anyone?) but I don’t even know where to start!

So, can anyone help me with my kitchen dilemma? Pretty, pretty please?

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