In like a lion . . .

So March is upon us (finally!) and I really couldn’t be happier. February seemed to d-r-a-g on, and now that March is here, I can finally look forward to warmer months. March means PSSAs (and in three weeks they will be over), daylights savings time (more light at night, whoo!), and the official start of spring. I also feel like with work, March signifies the top of a (though long) peak and I can finally begin the downward slope towards summer!

With that in mind, I was reading a blog where the blogger had posted her goals for February, and I thought, “What a great idea!” So I’ve decided to post here my list of goals for March. I think March is a great month to begin this. First of all, by now, most New Year’s Resolutions have worn off by now (not that I really made any). By starting a list of monthly goals now, I am sort of rejuvenating 2009. Also, March seems like a good month in the few things it represents: first of all, we began Lent last week, which is a time of reflection in the Christian calendar. What better way to reflect than to try to improve my life? Also, with spring comes the notorious SPRING CLEANING, and seeing as how my list will undoubtedly involve some cleaning practices, it seems rather fitting. Plus, March is the month that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, and I am hoping that my month will end a bit more peacefully than it began if I just focus on the tasks at hand.

My March Goals:

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes cleaning after work every day, BEFORE t.v., computer, etc., Monday-Thursday (I figure I have some leeway on Fridays).
  2. Go through my clothes and donate the unwanteds to charity.
  3. Read at least five books (this will also benefit my March’s book blog – February’s will be posted soon).
  4. Have a great (not just good) day at work.
  5. Walk the dogs at least once a week.
  6. Cook something from scratch at least twice.
  7. Host a dinner party.
  8. Get all my lesson plans for the rest of the year done (this could help number 4, as well).
  9. Cut back my internet time to 30 minutes a day (yikes!) – school work doesn’t count.
  10. Figure out a better way to organize our recyclables in the garage.

So there you go – my goals for March. I chose ten because I figure it was a good, medium number. Plus, a lot of the items on my list shouldn’t be TOO hard, as long as I remain devoted. So, I guess the real question remains – what are your goals for the Lion/Lamb month?

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