Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy


Since Valentine’s Day was yesterday, I thought I would do a little post in honor of that famous four-letter word (no, not THAT four-letter word). I promise I’m not going to make this mushy; rather, I want to reflect on all the little (and big) things in my life that I love. So here goes: my love list. 

I love . . .

  •  Lying on the couch with my husband watching our favorite television shows (Jon & Kate, Lost, Top Chef) after a long day at work . . . and I especially love it if he tickles my feet.
  • When my not-a-lapdog-sized dog tries to sit in my lap.
  • The smell of coffee in the morning
  • Having a piano in my living room ready to play at any time, at any moment . . . and the fact that it has been my piano since I was six years old
  • Bookshelves full of books
  • Down comforters and down pillows
  • Warm, sixty-degree days in the middle of February – proof that winter will not last forever and that spring will come soon!
  • The St. Luke family and going to church every Sunday . . . and the fact that even though my dad is not the pastor anymore there, I can still feel comfortable attending and being involved
  • My Complete Collection of Calvin & Hobbes (in three beautiful hardcover books)
  • Listening to NPR in the mornings on the way to work
  • Tranquil Mint and Eucalyptus Spearmint body wash, lotion, massage oil, hand cream, hand soap  . . . okay, basically anything in those scents . . . from B&BW
  • Stewie from Family Guy
  • My co-workers who keep me sane and let me know I’m not alone
  • Pasta, pasta, and more pasta
  • Our house that J and I are working more and more at to make a home (and getting our tax return soon will help us with that!)
  • Ben Linus from Lost
  • Being able to blog about whatever pops into my mind
  • Finding more and more ways to be eco-friendly in our everyday lives (and, coincidentally, wallet-friendly too!)
  • My family and J’s family
  • My friends

These are just some of the wonderful things in my life that I love . . . and no, don’t read anything into the fact that I stuck our family and friends at the end (I save the best for last, of course!). Anyway, it’s a wonderfully positive thing to list what you love, and I urge everyone to do so, on a frequent basis. I think I’m going to try to start working on a list of positives once a week to keep me focused on what’s really important. A blog I just started visiting does this weekly and calls it Grateful Sunday. . . perhaps I will follow suit.

Happy Love Day, everyone! Make every day full of love!

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