Open the cover and come take a journey

For those of you who are unaware, which I am sure is not many of you, I am a book worm. I got a lot of books for Christmas, and I have read a lot of books since Christmas. I also gave a few books for Christmas, especially to my husband. One of the books I gave him was a Nick Hornby book that, for a year, kept track of the books Hornby bought and read each month and then review about. Actually, each essay was from a magazine Believer that Hornby wrote for each month. J has gotten quite a few book recommendations from reading this Hornby book and another one similar to it, and I have also glanced through it and read a few of the reviews.

Earlier this week, I saw on a message board someone with a post that mentioned reading 25 books in 2009. While part of me admired this person’s resolve, I also realized that I could easily beat this person in a reading contest. I am well on my way towards 50 books in 2009, and perhaps even more. While I have always loved reading, and growing up, would read a book a day, in my high school and college years I found reading for pleasure taking a backseat as reading for school became more a priority. Required reading for college classes left me with little time or ambition to read on my own. While I would sometimes pick up a book to read, for the most part, I read very little, as least comparatively to my younger years. However, lately, I have found myself with a craving to read. J and I read almost every night in bed, sometimes for an hour or more. We will often find ourselves not planning anything on Saturdays so that we can spend most of the day curled up on the couch, reading. My husband has always been a voracious reader, perhaps even more so than myself, and recently I have rediscovered that voracity as well.

So I have become inspired by Mr. Hornby’s own writing and have decided to emulate him with some book recollecting and reviewing myself. So my New Year’s Resolution is to follow in his footsteps. Each month, I will list the books I have bought (or received) and the books I have read. I will also review the books that I have read, both for your benefit and mine. Let’s think of it as a diary of reading. While I want people to know what I thought about the books that I have read, I also would like to keep track of a year of my reading and reflect back on what I have read, what I have bought (or gotten), and my opinions on them.

At the end of the month, I will post my first one. I am going to start with the books I received and started reading at Christmas, because there have definitely been some good ones. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a beneficial journey for all of us.

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