Mouse hole . . . er, kingdom

So, an update on Thanksgiving.

Along with my family and most of J’s immediate family, we spent our Thanksgiving vacation in Disney World. It was awesome to get away, and in my six day break I managed to devote approximately one hour to school work in two small segments, both taking place in airports. It was also nice to see my parents and spend time with them. However, I discovered that Disney World in four days is nearly impossible, especially when one of those days is spent in a torrential downpour with tornadoes touching ground. But over all, it was a good trip, although it was definitely one of those vacations that felt like we needed a vacation from this vacation.

You should also be proud of me because I conquered my fear of the Tower of Terror. In fact, it was the very first ride we rode upon arriving at Disney World resort and I ended up riding two times. I actually was willing to go on it a third time, but we ran out of time. However, there is officially not a ride I will not go on at Disney World anymore . . . I am a mean, leaning, free-falling machine. On a similar note, we also got my mom to get on the Tower, Expedition Everest, and Splash Mountain, and both of my parents on Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. My mom was hillarious on all the rides, especially on Space Mountain, where she screamed incessantly. She was behind my sister, J, and I, and Age and I were laughing so hard from my mom’s screaming that neither of us could breathe. At one point in the ride, J even said “Who IS that?”, where I tried to catch my breath enough to answer. In fact, after we rode Space Mountain, Age and I both agreed that we needed to ride it again to fully enjoy the actual ride, since we were both too preoccupied and in stitches over our mother’s constant wailing. I never thought I would get my mom on roller coasters, and now I am going to make it my personal goal to get her on as many as possible . . . even if it’s just to hear her scream for my own giggles.

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