An elephant and a donkey

I am so glad there are only a little over 5 days until Election 2008 is over. I will be so glad when my morning commute doesn’t consist of one hundred different accounts about what Obama said about this and what McCain said about that and what Obama said AFTER McCain said that and on and on and on. I am sick of approved messages from the candidates and the thousands upon thousands of political analysists that discuss everything from hidden racial messages to the way the men stood during the debate to the way the candidates part their hair.

I honestly think the American presidential race is ridiculous. No other country spends half the term of the current president getting ready for the NEXT president. Obama has been campaigning for two years now. TWO YEARS. Imagine what could have been accomplished if that time was invested in more worthwhile causes, such as – oh, I don’t know – his Senate job that he HAS been elected to. Or think about the money that has been raised. Barack Obama has raised over $150 million dollars this fall alone. $150 million dollars. Now, I know I am not a politician and all, but if Obama is really behind the “Change” he has been advocating for so long now, why doesn’t he take that money and donate it to impoverished nations, or survivors of the Iraq War in Iraq, or AIDS-infected areas in Africa, or, if he really wants to be patriotic, the millions of homeless Americans that sleep on the streets each night? Honestly, none of us will see that much money in our entire lives, and he has raised that much from voters in three months.

Not that I am attacking Obama; I’m not. I don’t think McCain is much better, especially after his choice of VPOTUS. Sarah Palin rubs me the wrong way in many ways, from her uber-conservative views on abortion and oil drilling, to her lack of experience, to her ability to avoid answering questions when she doesn’t know what the Vice President does (and don’t get me started on the “Joe Six Packs” and “Maverick” use, either). I tend to lean towards more moderate candidates, because I am more moderate myself, and was actually pretty happy with McCain, until Mrs. Palin came along. I think it was a stupid choice on McCain’s part (just because I am a woman does NOT mean I will vote for a woman ticket, especially if her ideologies don’t correspond to mine), and a stupid choice on Palin’s part as well, considering her lack of experience (being Governor of Alaska does not give you foreign policy experience, no matter how close to Russia you may be) as well as her family life: is running for veep at this moment, when your 17 year-old daughter is pregnant and you have a small baby with Down’s Syndrome really the smartest choice, especially for a woman who has “strong” family values?

At this point in time, five days before the election, I am indecisive who I will vote for. I think both candidates have weak points, and I think no matter who is elected, the next four years are going to be hard. I do think it is risky to have a same-party President and House, because I think the system of checks and balances can become skewed that way, which makes me lead more towards McCain, but then that would make Palin second in line for the Presidency, and do I really want that as well? I think I’ll just vote for Nader.

One GOOD thing that has emerged from this election is Tina Fey’s awesome Sarah Palin impersonations on SNL. I have not loved an SNL character so much, and will be sad when the skits are over. Although, I guess if McCain is elected, we could have four more years of those skits, and for all you Joe Six Packs out there, that’s enough for this maverick. *wink*

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