So take a photograph cause this ain’t gonna last . . .

I really, really want a new camera. The one I have now I have had for 2 years, which everyone knows in electronics years is ancient. I mean, it is a decent camera all around, but for the kind of photography I want to take, it’s just not cutting it. In fact, I have found myself taking less and less photos lately just because I am disappointed in the quality of the pictures.

I’m looking into getting a higher-end one, not just your run-of-the-mill $150 point and shoot. I’ve been looking into a Nikon Digital SLR, which are for “more serious” photographers. Okay, I’m not necessarily a “serious” photographer (yet), but I know with the proper equipment, I would be!

J said he would get me one for Christmas, but I’m hoping maybe it could be an early Christmas present. We’re going to Boston at the end of the month and Disney World over Thanksgiving, and it would be awesome to have a nice camera to take some pictures with. Capture a side of the two places I’ve never seen before. So I’m going to be looking around, hoping to find a good deal or two, and I’ll keep you posted.

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