I can still recall our last summer

Summer is almost over. School is just around the corner – three days left until the big one. Things are slowly coming together. Today was our second day of inservice, but more like our first “official” one. Yesterday all 200+ members of the MASD faculty went to Camp Victory for some team building activities. It was actually pretty fun, but it didn’t make me feel very “teachery” playing games. I got to meet a lot of people, though, even though I don’t remember half the names. Oh, well, I’ll get them soon. And on Monday I have 100 new names to learn: of students, that is!

I also realized that today is the Thursday before classes start at SU, which means that the freshmen have moved in and are spending their first night in the dorms. It kind of makes me sad, mainly because I can’t believe that chapter of my life is over. It just seems like it was yesterday that I was finishing high school and heading off to college. Now I am a TEACHER, getting ready to start school on the other side of the desk in three days. It is all just so crazy. The transition from student to teacher seemed slow at times, but now I can’t believe that it is really all over, that I succeeded in all my English and education classes, got through student teaching, went through the interview process, and am an official teacher. It is absolute craziness, I tell you, absolute craziness.

Actually, now that I think about it, the real craziness is going to start on Monday . . . *gulp*

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