And Wii are the champions, my friends.

Okay, in case you weren’t aware of how much of an awesome wife I am, this post will undoubtedly change that. Last Friday was J’s birthday (26, the old fart). I wanted to get him a great present, because it would be his first birthday as my husband, and he gave me some suggestions. Unfortunately, the two main suggestions he gave me were a bit too expensive for me right now (I wanted to use the money I earned, and not any of his, and since right now I earn $120 a week babysitting, that’s not a WHOLE lot. Luckily pay checks are heading my way soon!).  At first there was a guitar that he was looking at but it was almost $600; then he wanted a beer meiser (basically a keg cooler with a tap) but the kind he was looking at were almost $500. So I debated in my head what I should get him, when, about a week before his birthday, suddenly it struck me . . .

A Wii.

So I went online to see if I could find a place (preferable somewhat locally) that carries Wiis. I know they are difficult to find, so part of me was nervous about it, but then again, they have been out for a well over a year now so they should be available SOMEWHERE, right? Well, I looked on some websites – Best Buy carried them but was out, Sears only carried accessories, Wal-Mart only carried $570 Wii packages. But somehow, admist my searching, I discovered that Toys R Us carries them. They had them available on their website, but I was worried about getting it delivered on time. So I called my two semi-local (each an hour away) Toys R Us stores, and heard the same thing from both:

“We’ll be getting some in on Sunday morning at 10 a.m.”

It was Friday. So I had a dilemma: wait and drive an hour on Sunday, sometime after church, without letting J know what was I doing or where I was going, and risk them being out, or order them online and pay more? My debate took two days. I called Sunday afternoon around 2:00 and found out they had TWO left. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold them for me, so I drove all the way to Muncy with my fingers crossed that they wouldn’t get sold while I was getting there.

They didn’t. We are now proud Wii owners.

J was ecstatic. We spent Friday night at his birthday dinner playing the Wii sports game that comes with the Console. Saturday afternoon we stopped in Muncy again on the way to South Williamsport to buy another remote, nunchuck, Zelda game, and Wii Fit! Whoo hoo! We spent almost six hours playing Zelda yesterday, and are working our butts back into shape using Wii Fit. It’s been a lot of fun. J keeps saying how much he loves his new Wii. And I love it too.

Hence, the awesomeness of me.

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